The Rainmakers Journal | changing the world one journal entry at a time

The Rainmakers Journal is a meditation on the world around us and an invitation to everyone to explore it with a sense of curious wonder. An idea first born during founder Shukri Toefy’s youth spent as a cab driver where a university lecturer encouraged him to journal his interactions with the world, it is today an anthology of the common man’s knowledge that, through a series of projects, hopes to help people unlock the value of shared knowledge.



Inspired by the idea that the greatest gift anyone can share is the knowledge gained from experience, Unwritten: A Visual Journal of Nepal finds The Rainmakers Journal founder Shukri Toefy on a journey of self-enlightenment through the Kathmandu Valley.


The Rainmakers Journal prides itself on guiding youth from all over the world at critical junctures in their lives. It engages with them in interactive workshops designed around the importance of journaling as a method of unlocking hidden treasures, setting goals and the value of shared knowledge. 


For more information on the Rainmakers Journal contact Calvin Bruce

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